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Our team is made up of people with passion and enthusiasm. We believe that, through our commitment and care, we maintain stable and the best relationships with our Clients. A great deal of professional and specialist knowledge guarantees the high quality of the our work. We are open to suggestions of our clients and we stand ready to provide expertise. Interesting rebate system and favorable complaint process, it give us a competitive advantage. We are always available to our Clients to answer questions.

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Our company constantly strives to provide the latest and most efficient products. Each product has passed quality control, because our task is to meet the needs of customers and provide a high-quality work. We are able to accommodate our clients needs and customize products to their liking. Our products are used in the following applications:


jan. 2015 13

The use of electrical rotating connectors prevents twisting of wires and cables connecting elements rotating with respect to each other.



aug. 2016 27

Electrical rotating connectors can carry various electrical signals: power, control, measuring, HD, Canbus, Ethernet and many others.


Cameras and monitoring equipment

feb. 2017 147

In offered connectors electrical signals are transmitted without loss, because the signal conductor is liquid metal - mercury.